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TV & Radio Production

Be it promotional or in-house material for a corporate client, a game reserve or an NGO, every operation has a story to tell. Journalistic storytelling is central to African Storybook Media – from concept through research to production.

Angus Begg is one of the team of producer-directors for Carte Blanche, South Africa’s premier investigative and television magazine programme, and former news editor for SABC Africa – the continent’s first 24-hour cable news channel. He is a category winner in the CNN Africa Journalist of the Year awards.



Most of Angus’ documentary-style work has been produced for Carte Blanche. Topics covered range from crime and health to sport and his personal favourites, wildlife, the environment and tales of personal endeavour.

As African Storybook Media, Angus has recently formed a working relationship with 50/50 – South Africa’s most illustrious environmental TV show – and Assignment Earth, an independent, US-based series documenting battles facing the environment.

The banner picture above is in keeping with the whole website – it belongs to us and tells a story. Here cameraman Bruce Connyngham is photographed by Angus shooting a documentary over Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, behind which lies a wonderful story that was picked up on by the world.

Now we’d like to tell yours.



Angus and Alison have been using their voices as part of their trade for years.

Most of Angus’ radio presentation and production has revolved around drive-time columns and presenting documentaries and travel inserts on Radio South Africa and SAfm, South Africa’s national public service radio. For an example of his documentary style, click on the following links:

Whether commercial or documentary, at African Storybook Media we can write the script, produce the insert and provide the voice.