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iRhino: The Full Story

by Angus Begg

iRhino: The Full Story is a journalistic look at the story around the poaching of the rhino and the controversy surrounding it. With interactive sketches and beautiful video and photography on this dangerously-threatened creature, a quick browse through the book gives you the actual facts of rhino poaching.
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Fireside Fables for iBooks

by Lezulu & Louise Hansen

Journey into Africa and explore its iconic wildlife through charming yet interactive short stories. Readers are transported into a fictional landscape of the African jungle through delightful illustrations and real-life sounds from some of Africa’s most-loved creatures – like the rhino, the baboon and the leopard.
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In Search of the African Lion

by Africa Imagery, Roger de la Harpe & Pat de la Harpe

The African lion (Panthera leo), celebrated in myth and story, is arguably Africa’s most iconic wild creature. But today, the biggest of the big cats faces unprecedented threats to its existence in the wild.

In Search of the African Lion explores the complex world of the lion, its place in history and legend, as well as the threats to its continued survival.
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The African Travel Storybook Volume: 1

by Angus Begg

Discover Africa’s enriching narratives through the eyes of a part-time photojournalist and full-time family man as he journeys into the heart of Southern Africa.

Angus Begg introduces her people, wildlife and rich history through an easily accessible audiovisual experience, helping you interact with Africa – not just see it second-hand.
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A Guide to Southern Africa’s Iconic Safari Destinations

by Anthony Cavill-Taylor

Through interactive maps, scrollable galleries, video material and a multitude of custom-designed content, readers are transported to some of Southern Africa’s most spectacular sights and destinations.

Anthony Cavill-Taylor, in his 20 years of experience in the safari industry, shares many well-kept secrets of the safari world with would-be travellers, allowing them the opportunity to be immersed in the wonders of Southern Africa.

KAI Collection

by Kartagener Associates Inc.

Whether you’re looking for a boutique safari lodge, an isolated beach getaway, or a vibrant city hotel, the KAI Collection has it all.

KAI has come to represent the very best of this astonishing continent, with properties in Eastern, Southern, and Western Africa. In this iBook, you will find diverse offerings from sophisticated city hotels to remote bush camps.