iRhino: The Full Story

iRhino: The Full Story is a journalistic look at the story around the poaching of the rhino and the controversy surrounding it. With interactive sketches and beautiful video and photography on this dangerously-threatened creature, a quick browse through the book gives you the actual facts of rhino poaching.

iRhino: The Full Story is designed to be an always up-to-date resource on the rhino poaching crisis in Southern Africa. Written by Angus Begg, an award-winning South African television producer, broadcaster and photo-journalist, iRhino: The Full Story includes 18 months of research gathered from significant, experienced voices and viewpoints within the industry.

Find out all about:

  • why the Rhino and its horn are in high demand
  • preventative initiatives within the region
  • interview clips from reputable and influential sources
  • the different types of Rhino sub-species
  • statistics and analysis*

*All real-time features require an internet connection

The Apple iBookstore does not yet cater for South African users, but you can download a sample of the book below. Make sure you are connected to the internet via wifi or ethernet for a seamless download process. To experience this book, you will need to have an iPad with iBooks 3 or later and iOS 5.1 or later, or a Mac with iBooks 1.0 or later and OS X 10.9 or later. Note that the book might take a few minutes to download, so please be patient.


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iRhino: The Full Story is an always up-to-date resource on the rhino poaching crisis in Southern Africa

In 2012, author Angus Begg was creating a standard insert for a weekly television programme on new approaches to dealing with rhino poaching, when he learned with fascination of the status that rhino horn had attracted within Vietnamese high-society.

What followed was a year-long exploration into the Southern African bushveld. We explain the various rhino species around the globe, bring you audio interviews from respected experts on the subject, and unpack how you can make a difference to a conservation crisis that keeps growing year-on-year.

The iBook features illustrations of the various types of rhino, sketched on an iPad especially for use within iRhino: The Full Story. Apart from creating these sketches, Basil Percimoney, lead designer at immedia, was part of the team who worked on the production of the book.

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