Go behind the scenes of South African wildlife and discover its most iconic creature

Watch this amazing video taken during the making of the book, that captures a lion walking up to the camera, picking it up in its mouth and walking off.

How did Roger recover the camera? Watch and find out!

In Search of the African Lion, published in 2012 as a glossy coffee-table book, is a fascinating tale about these magnificent cats, their biology, relationship with humans, and the sad tale of the reduction in wild lion populations in Africa from some 450 000, 50 years ago to just 23 000 today.

This year, the renowned freelance photographer and author team combined their years of immersion in the life of the African lion, with the African Storybook unit of immedia, a Durban-based post-PC digital studio, to bring this beautiful product to Apple's iBooks platform.

Enhanced with real-life sound, video and flowing text that is unrestricted by the printed page, Roger and Pat's story comes to life on your iPad.

Roger and Pat de la Harpe documented the wild lions of South Africa over a period of 18 months to compile their book In Search of the African Lion. In uncovering the story behind the African lion, the couple spoke to scientists, ecologists, game rangers, trackers, hunters and those involved in animal rights groups throughout South Africa, and were struck by their commitment to lions in various different ways.

Their excursions took them to the Kalahari, with its endless red sand dunes and vast skies, the ancient Enhanced with real-life sound, video and flowing text that is unrestricted by the printed page, Roger and Pat's story comes to life on your iPad.

"Fifty years ago there were an estimated 450 000 wild lions in Africa. Today there are only around 23 000. This equates to a quarter of the number of seats in South Africa’s premier sports stadium, Soccer City - a truly shocking statistic, particularly because the decline has taken place in so many of our lifetimes... There is no doubt that an African continent without free-ranging lions would be a tragedy beyond words – if future generations got to glimpse these magnificent cats only behind the bars of cages or in the small enclosures of zoos. Indeed, the entire energy of the planet would be diminished in some way – and so would we, without the one other species against which we always have found the measure of ourselves." - from the authors

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