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About Us

Africa is more than a continent – it is a Storytelling Factory.

Africa is a name that carries with it a sense of place, a destination often seen as alluring and imbued with more than a little mystery. Yes, this massive continent – Cape Town to Cairo is an easy ten hours by plane – has more than its fair share of conflict, but by far the greatest part of it lives in a kind of harmony characterised by a spirit of sharing. Something the west has long forgotten. It is this Africa that calls out to those travellers looking for a touch of adventure, an honest and very different story.

TOURISM COLLATERAL: Whether lodge or country, a destination’s distinguishing factor – that unique selling point – has to be isolated and made known to the world. We can help identify and develop this USP and create the compelling tourism collateral that tells the story of your product.

GENERAL MEDIA: Looking for the stories that portray the best of Africa is what we do here at African Storybook, for magazines, digital platforms and television. Whether the rustic lodge started by a post-grad financial whizz-kid or the township teenager who didn’t finish school but who has qualified as a horticulturalist and now lectures at Cornwall’s world-famous Eden Project, compelling narratives need to be told and sold.

What we do:

  • We produce all media: TV, photography, add and digital multimedia brochures – for iPads and other tablet devices, and we’ve recently partnered with app dev studio, immedia to produce a first in South Africa – iBooks.

African Storybook is part of the immedia ecosystem.